Attention Strategy - what even is it?


See that? You're insides are forcing you to continue reading this post - because BALLS.

It's not the balls themselves that's keeping you interested - it's the idea of reading something, seeing something or hearing something you really shouldn't... but you know you will.

It's attention strategy - and it's really easy... if you're willing to really understand the attitudes of your audience and share the things that catch their attention.

...and just putting it out there - a sale promotion won't do the trick.

These days, we're less driven by financials and more driven by connections. So connect. Engage. Content is no longer king... conversation is. And good conversation at that.

Take a look at how ESPN have done this for their annual Body Issue, which is released this week.

We found this article in B&T and had to share it.

The conversation is around positive body image. But that conversation has been had so many times.... and nobody wants to see a skinny bitch smiling while holding a plate of salad... so hello BALLS.

See - you're eyes are glued. They've nailed it.

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